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Legacy of Dolphy reborn as we release our collaboration once again with the Quizon Estate after 5 years: Kapitan Rodolfo’s Banayad Whiskey v.2. Click here to see the original.

Our OG concept design half a decade ago has been copied, reprinted, and taken inspiration of multiple times by many sources since its release. With this, a version 2 was fit to stand apart from the multiple copies out there. Take pride in owning nothing but the authentic collaboration piece.

“100% Blade; Luko-loko lang ang iinom nito!”

Relive and watch the video once more:

Q: Do you produce actual Banayad Whiskey alcoholic drinks?
A: No. People loved our original design so much they decided to print our design and slap them onto bottles for fun. We, nor the Quizons, in any way, do not produce liquors under the Banayad Whiskey concept as of this moment. But maybe soon.

Proceeds will be donated to Dolphy Aid Para Sa Pinoy Foundation


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