We’re happy to share with you or latest video production featuring choreography by Xernan Alfonso to Rae Sremmurd‘s No Type.

This is our first attempt in making a dance video with the use of a drone – DJI Phantom 3. Playing with the drone is something you should expect to see from us more in the near future! But for now, here it is – No Type.

For bookings and inquiries, you can contact us or contact Xernan Alfonso directly via his info found at the end of the video.

Decided to compile a couple of clips as we were in Baler for the 4th Annual Beginner’s Surf Cup then. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch a clip of Chris above doing the headstand on the board which could’ve been epic. So yeah, do feel free to share and like it on Vimeo as well ;) Hope you guys like the video!

BGM is “1901” by Phoenix (as if you didn’t know).

Don’t forget to toggle and watch it in HD!