Be a Soldier
of your Passion

Different pursuits, same fire. The passion and drive for what we love is what we share in common. What are you a soldier of?

Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

Love Army® is a brand founded in Metro Manila that aims to serve as a visual and wearable reminder to be happy.

Part of the objective is to provide is to create high quality gear that could very well represent the field. Apparel that’s made with utmost attention to detail, with great regard for meaning, purpose, aesthetics, function, and longevity.

Influenced by a lot of creativity driven from the fields of different subcultures, we want to bring people who do what they love together. Hence, “love army” – it’s an army of people who what they love.

Be inspired. Inspire. Life is meant to be enjoyed.
What do you love? What are you a soldier of? Wear your passion.

Never ever put them down, you just raise your arms higher.


We operate from Tuesday to Friday between 12:00PM to 7:00PM. Inquiries sent to our email and social media platforms will be answered ASAP out of those ours. Orders and deliveries are done within that time frame, with delivery arrivals based on the courier’s timetable.


Makati City, Metro Manila
Philippines 1226

Las Vegas, Nevada
United States of America 89178

[email protected]