With the COVID-19 corona virus pandemic still ongoing with 30% of the world still in lockdown and quarantine, Hip Hop International has moved the world championships to 2021. This goes without saying that the HHI Philippines schedule will also be affected, so please be sure to stay tuned for their updates regarding the matter.

The announcement has been made by HHI Official in their FB page. Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy.

Announcement From HHI Regarding COVID-19

Posted by Hip Hop International on Monday, March 30, 2020

With most of the world on lockdown and quarantine states, it might be hard to stay creative at first, but know that creativity is the challenge itself in situations like this. While used to being on the stage and in studios, we all love dancing all alone at home – at this point, it’s one of our great contributions to the safety of the nation. With that in mind, here are a couple more things to do indoors, which can contribute towards your creativity.

CREATE ON TIKTOK. It’s not too late to join the Tiktok party, with everybody stuck in their home, the party may just be beginning. The social media platform is a great way to create extra clout by coming up with dance routines, easy enough for everybody to try, even celebrities! Some authorities are claiming it might be easier to go viral on Tiktok, with its still-organic algorithm, so it might be the break you’re looking for if you’re out to get a following. Care to try? Or maybe have your parents try it for fun, just Eryka Lucas did with her dad!

START A PODCAST. More podcasts can benefit the community as a whole. As of now, there’s only one authority cast that shares experiences and insights into a career as a Filipino dancer, and that’s by our very own Xernan Alfonso. More than the fear of being seen as ‘copying,’ we highly encourage dancers to take on the challenge to talk more about their process, insights, and entrepreneurial journey as an artist.

DANCE CHALLENGE. Challenges keep the creative mind exercised. Collaboration knows no boundaries and even being as far away as Paris, France, Gojie Chua of Kinection, made sure to make his presence felt right here at home, by pioneering the “#ChoreoDugtunganChallenge“. Tagging people in, and inviting everybody else to contribute, the rule was to make a 4-count contribution in creating one whole piece of choreography. Follow the original post to see continuations by well-known local choreographers like Xernan Alfonso, Chips, Beltran, Jobert Lachica, and Part Cruz.

#ChoreoDugtunganChallenge UPDATES:(2) Xernan Alfonso…

Posted by Gojie A. Chua on Saturday, March 28, 2020

STRENGTHEN IN SILENCE. Being at home doesn’t mean you have to be stagnant. As far as we know, crossfit emerged from the garages, and far from the commercial membership gyms everybody is familiar with. With that in mind, keep your body fit, by training at home. Many apps are available, which help you strengthen up, without necessary need for weights and accessories.

Remember how Uncle Iroh buffed the F* up?

But above all else…

TAKE A BREAK. It might be hard, even weird, to find yourself with nothing to do, but maybe it’s exactly what you just need. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve done nothing so far. It’s a perfectly acceptable situation to be in at this paint, and learn to accept that everybody’s quality time is different. How you train your mind to be stable is unique. Relax, take a breather, and give yourself a treat. Take this time to recollect yourself, think of how you want to progress further in this career path, and build up some spirit to get you out and about once this thing blows over.

With these tips at hand, we hope we’ve given ample gateway ideas for you to tinker about, and keep safe from the comforts of home. Stay healthy!

– Ken

As Metro Manila gets locked down from March 15 to April 14 due to the Corona Virus outbreak, we would like to assure everybody that packages are being disinfected as they are handled and get handed over or picked up by courier. We make sure everything is in order, and that nobody who’s feeling even slightly under the weather from our end are in contact with your order.

With that, please keep in mind that we have no control over what happens and who gets in contact with your order during its logistical procedure, so please make sure to disinfect the package once you receive it – and this goes with everything else you get in touch with from outside your homes.

Be courteous, mindful, and responsible. Let’s all work together to keep each other safe, so we, in our own little way, can all help in the elimination of the COVID-19 from our homes and nation.

Stay healthy!

As we get more technology in our hands, we’re happy to confirm that GCash is an acceptable mode of payment when making your bank transactions to Love Army.

When you checkout, be sure to choose “Bank Deposit & GCash” as your preferred option. You will receive our bank details in your email, and you may simply proceed with your GCash Bank Transfer, and send us a copy of it via email or social media alongside your order number.

Don’t have a GCash account yet? Sign up here.

Just recently The International 9, TI9, took place in Shanghai. One of the event and DOTA2’s partners, SteelSeries, released a special edition DOTA 2 mouse and pad, designed by Filipino illustrator, and a good friend of the brand – Ced Alcalde.

Ced is a personal friend and a consistent party mate in DOTA 2. Going by the name ‘noworktoday,’ he’s been one to work on DOTA 2 merch for the TI’s Secret Shop for years now, and it’s this year that he finally gets to design the graphic for SteelSeries’ collaboration mouse and pad with DOTA 2.

To top it off, it’s an honor he got to wear something by us for his artist profile on the SteelSeries website itself. From playing the game to actually working with it. Sometimes, you simply need to do it out of love, and watch things progress for the better.

When asked for tips on how to acquire such clients and the kind of work he does, he simply advises designs to put your work out there for potential clients to find. It’s definitely a very noisy digital age, but if you put out quality work, you increase the chances of attracting the right type of clients you want. If you don’t, you simply won’t be found.

Keep on creating. Do what you love. It’s a different kind of fulfillment.

Follow @cedalcalde on Instagram.

You may purchase the DOTA 2 Rival 600 and the DOTA 2 QCK Prism via the SteelSeries DOTA 2 website, if still available and in stock. To see more about the special DOTA 2 functions of the mouse, click here for a rundown.

It’s been a while since we collaborated with Fusion Dance Company Guam and made the 24K Magic by Bruno Mars choreography video. Just recently, we’ve had the privilege to provide their gear as they celebrated “BEDAZZLED!” – FDCGuam’s 15th Annual Company Concert.

The collection comprised of shirts, long tees, jogger pants, and sequin hoodies.

If there’s anything worth noting about the dance community in Guam, is that they are absolutely close-knit and passionate about the craft. The last time we were there, we can’t help but feel blessed to be in the presence of all these Fusion Moms and Dads who support their kids’ craft.

We would like to congratulate FDCGuam family, who went on to compete and bag numerous places in Inferno Dance, which was held last July 2019 in Orlando, Florida. At the same time, we’d like to give a big thanks to the Studio’s director and beloved father to all these kids, Sir Gener Deliquina, for welcoming us into the family!

If there’s anything amazing about this, is how passion bridges countries and worlds. Start em young.

Time In! The gaming industry is a buzz as Adidas Originals signs its first individual eSports partner in the form of Ninja. The partnership further strengthens its stand and commitment to gaming. Ninja announced this by posting a video on his Twitter feed.

Tyler Blevins, in real life, is the first individual partner adidas Originals has signed in eSports. The 28-year old made a name streaming his Fortnite games, and did a number in 2018 – $10 Million earnings. Ninja made the announcement by posting the video on his Twitter page.

No further images of what may come under the adidas Originals X Ninja line have been posted. But a dedicated Ninja page on Adidas (US) has been created, which may indicate a similar approach towards Kanye West’s Yeezy page.

More hope for esports and gamers worldwide to do what they love!

OG is now officially the first ever two-time AND back to back champions of DOTA2’s annual The International, otherwise known as TI. The team took home a whopping USD15.6 Million from the USD34.2 Million prize pool.

OG bested Team Liquid in a best of 5, by winning 3 consecutive games after a first loss. Comprised of ana, Topson, Ceb, JerAx, and N0tail – the same exact roster from TI8, made their doubters believe that they are the force to be reckoned with in the sport, as they make sure each winning game ends up with a Godlike spree for their mid – Topson.

The team claimed the aegis. for the 2nd time, with the very bold strategy which had everybody turn their heads with a question mark – a carry Io, otherwise known as a position 5 support.

On a side note, homegrown team TNC Predator placed 9th as they fall out of the Upper bracket, and fall off the charts after losing to Team Liquid.

Next year, DOTA2 celebrates a momentous The International on its decade long run to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. Will OG still rampage onto a 3-peat win? Or will another team finally dethrone what seems to be a powerhouse cast. See you in TI10!

“They “boooo” us on every game entrance, they even follow us on our suite room after the lost to liquid and shouting and saying bad words on us. Im so sad on that. I hope next season chinese community will forgive my friend @kukudota and move on. So we can all enjoy the game DOTA.”

TIMS tweets this as the 2nd day of TI9 commences. It seems there’s still some blood boiling from the CN community after the controversy TNC PRedator has faced in the Chongqing Major held earlier this year.

The issue roots Carlo “Kuku^” Palad was banned to join the DOTA2 Major tournament after allegedly making a racist taunt by typong “ching chong” during a pub game, which angered a lot from the Chinese gaming community. More about this story from Kotaku.

After having been banned in the Major, seems like the Chinese gaming community, has not forgiven or forgotten what Kuku^ has done, and made sure he knows it, as he gets booed every single time his profile comes up in the big screen, and whenever the team walks in and out of the stage.

Facebook user “Kalbz” posted a sample of how the team gets booed in the venue.

Ok the boos especially when Kuku was flashed on screen. ?#TI9 #Dota2

Posted by Kalbz on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

While a professional player’s concentration can’t be messed with easily, it seems to have affected the team’s performance once they hit the main stage, as they fell through from the Upper bracket by losing to Chinese team VG, and eventually falling off the tournament after being eliminated by Team Liquid who placed 2nd for the finals, with OG finally claiming the aegis the 2nd time around.

As we continually try to enhance your digital shopping experience with us, we will be applying a couple of changes to the website and some aspects of our services.

First off, we are now enabling people to pre-order upcoming designs. Every design will carry the allocated number of stocks, with backorders enabled. This simply means you can make sure you don’t run out of your size, especially for people who have contacted us for bigger sizes, which normally run at limited production. Items qualified for pre-order will have a “PRE-ORDER” mark, with its corresponding release date found in the product’s description panel. All unpaid orders a week before the set release date will be cancelled.

In light of this new preorder capability, FREE SHIPPING will be enabled NATIONWIDE until August 31, 2019. Starting September 1, 2019, Metro Manila deliveries will be absolutely free of charge, while deliveries outside the metro (and within the Philippines) will incur just a minimal handling fee of PHP50.00. Simply choose free delivery as an option when you checkout. No coupon needed.

On the payments side, we have been receiving more inquiries, and are working on enabling GCASH as an option to pay very soon. Cash on Delivery (COD) is still something we’re working on, making sure we find a reliable way for you to securely remit your payments. Until then, you may opt for bank deposit/transfer via BDO, or use your local bank debit and credit cards when you choose the PayPal option as your payment method – which is our recommended hassle-free way to pay.

We’ve upgraded our servers, in which you should also notice a noticeable improvement on our website load speed, which helps you view the website in a more efficient way both on desktop and in mobile. Should you encounter any problems regarding our website, please feel free to contact us.

And finally, we have enabled social log-ins. People can now sign-in using their social media accounts. This makes it easier for everybody to enter their accounts in one-click, without remembering their password. At the same time, people who already have accounts can link their social media profiles in their dashboards. Remember to check out our affiliate program once you have an account!

We’re working harder and better in providing you with fresh designs that inspire our very selves to do better in doing what we love and being happy in life. Spread the word, and don’t forget to follow us on social media. Thank you for your continuous patronage!