Converting Pain to Pleasure

Exactly a week ago I went through one of the nightmares almost everybody experiences at least once in their life – wisdom tooth extraction.

Problem is how this time, surgery was needed as the tooth was actually notched against the jawbone. WTF right. There was a chance that part of my jawbone was to be removed but Dr. Steve Mark Gan of GAOC Dental managed to avoid that option and take out this enormous dino-tooth which was sectioned into so many pieces to be pulled out.

Pain to Pleasurable Design

Pain to Pleasurable Design

The Dino Tooth

I had to get my mind off the throbbing pain somehow. Til now the my stitched gums are occasionally beating. Still no solid food, seafood, anything hot. Sucks. So over the few days I channeled that pain into something more productive and pleasurable and came up with a couple of designs, to keep me busy. These will be coming your way soon enough.

I’ve already posted some of these via the Love Army Instagram account, which you should follow BTW.

Pain to Pleasurable Design - Naval

Pain to Pleasurable Design - Sundalo

Pain to Pleasurable Design - Halloween

Pain to Pleasurable Design - CSPB Revised