Introducing the Breathable Lite Hoodie

Being situated in a tropical country, I believe it’s only normal that I create pieces which could be worn easily locally. I personally love thhe snug hoodies bring, but I easily perspire. The solution? A more breathable version via the “Lite Hoodie“.

The Lite Hoodie is equipped with short sleeves and an open hem. This immediately makes the piece more ‘airy’ in a sense that there are no cuffs and waistbands to hold body warmth inside. On top of this, we’ve added zippered slits on the sides, to make the hem fitted as you please.

The hood is already put out, but we will most likely have versions of the hoodie where a collar compartment will be placed to store the hood away.

Be sure to check out the first few versions of the hoodie lite in Bombardment form in the shop!