Legacy of Dolphy, the Banayad Whiskey

The guy known as the King of Comedy in the Philippines, Rodolfo Quizon, better known as Dolphy, has passed and people are trying to commemorate his awesomeness by sharing a lot of his material online.

One of the things shared was this video, which I even posted on the Love Army Facebook Page (Like!)

Inspired by this very funny stunt by Dolphy, the Banayad Whiskey concept was born! And so, here’s the real deal!

Okay it’s not an actual drink, but funny enough to get us all nostalgia-drunk from all the laughs the Comedy King has given the republic. Here it is in detail.

Rest in Peace, Dolphy (1928-2012)

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Update 2: And since a lot of people are asking about it, here’s a little something to come soon.