Love Army Hits 1st Year

I just want to thank everybody for the support, and for making it to a little celebration I had done (I hope all you guys vomited too :D). It’s been a while since I made my first ever design on a shirt which then led to more designs for the past 12 months.

If you’ve acquired the NSManila, CSPB, and R&P designs, you should know, those were definitely my first few designs and without the support, I wouldn’t have managed to make more.

Hopefully I can play the game on a bigger scale! Everybody’s been clamoring about finally establishing a physical presence and I’m hoping I could live up to that very soon :)

Until then, see you guys around. I’ll be posting more designs and maintain the quality for sure. And of course, I’d appreciate it a lot if you can share more of Love Army and spread the love online in any way possible.

Special Thanks and Mentions to

[+] My love – Bianca, and our fam :)
[+] Bedan brothers
[+] UST/Malikmata friends
[+] APC co-designers and college buddies
[+] Pam & RP Events Team
[+] Orven and ppl of It’s Showtime
[+] theBobbery / Franky / Kuyi Mobile / Drinking Digital
[+] BattleAxe/ GTWM / Don
[+] NikeTalk UAE
[+] Big Shift Studios

See you on and through year II!