Sabotage fear, and do it like SBTG

A huge fan of SBTG here. Been aware of his work since probably 2 years ago and once in a while I come up to his Instagram to glance on his latest work and get inspired.

If you’re not familiar with him, SBTG, from being an individual artist, is now a known brand for customized sneakers. Below are some of his works:

Hypebeast just recently featured SBTG on Youtube showcasing their creative process in customization.

Not content with what you just watch? Then let’s throw you back 3 years into the past just when Mark Ong, aka SBTG, was already starting to make his mark quite well in the street wear world with a video by Vita Brevis Films entitled “We are 138”.

Here Mark talks about his inspiration, how he started, and how he continues to do what he loves, and tell stories with sneakers as his canvas.

Follow the SBTG accounts on Instagram: @MR_Sabotage and @SBTG_Official