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The Love Army “FACE BUCKLER” is made for comfort and protection, and is composed of three (3) primary layers that make room for a fourth to prevent maskne. This is a double ear loop mask with a adjustable cords for a snug and comfortable fit.

LAYER 1: Weather resistant microfiber exterior that connects to a mesh middle section that creates a curved cup shape. This ensures an elevated and structured mask form, which helps add to the comfort of the wearer when breathing.

LAYER 2: Beneath the exterior is a 90GSM water-repellent nonwoven fabric, which helps filter any droplets that pass through from the environment.

LAYER 3: The inner fabric that connects the mask on the skin of the wearer is a satin fabric, known to be friendly and helps individuals prevent “maskne” (mask acne). This layer is soft and silky in texture, making it friendlier on the wearer who might find the direct interaction to the nonwoven a bit too irritating especially on longer uses.

LAYER 4: In between Layer 2 and Layer 3, you have the option to create the fourth layer of an actual surgical and medical grade mask through the small slits provided on the sides.

The Face Buckler works around the aesthetic and function of a face mask, without omitting the actual medical use, hence a provision to insert a medical-grade disposable. We encourage everybody to use this item as an accessory to wearing protective and medically-graded masks.

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