Ready to make a side hustle? We our currently opening an affiliate program for the whole Love Army website. This means you can earn by referring people to purchase something from Love Army!

Our referral percentage starts at 5%, with a low payout requirement of just PHP3,000.00

This referral program is only open to legal residents of the Philippines, at least 18 years of age, with an active PayPal account. You are required to have an account registered with us, linked to your Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.

Ready to start earning? Be sure you’re logged in, and apply via the Love Army AFFILIATE DASHBOARD.

Every legal resident of the Philippines, of legal age (18), can apply. This program is currently not open to individuals residing outside of the country.

A linked social media account in your “MY ACCOUNT” page is required to be qualified for consideration.

Our program assigns a basic referral rate of 5%, which is applied on all purchases made by people who click through and use your referral link.

You need to be logged in order to apply. Don’t have an account yet? Register using the MY ACCOUNT link found on top of this page.

If you’re already logged in, go to AFFILIATE DASHBOARD and click the application button. You will be redirected to the same page, but rest assured your application has been submitted for review.

Be sure to fill up your user profile, including your current address and telephone number. You are required to link at least one social media profile. All of this can be done in your account page.

Rest assured we are reviewing all applications accordingly and chronologically. If it’s been a week, and your affiliate dashboard isn’t active yet, chances are you have been rejected. Be sure to try again in 30 days.

Access your AFFILIATE DASHBOARD and use the link provided in the “Generate Links” page. You can either have a generic link, which directs to the homepage of this website, or you can use the generate function, and link to a specific item in our inventory.

Your referral link can be seen in your affiliate dashboard’s “GENERATE LINK”. You can either use it as is, or generate a link specifically pointing to one product.

Stats such as total earnings, paid out earnings, and link clicks can be viewed in your dashboard.

Yes. Your dashboard can accurately display which items you’ve sold.

All payments are made via PayPal.

The program has a payout requirement of PHP3,000. This means you need to earn the amount, before you can request a payout via PayPal.

You can set your PayPal email in your dashboard.

Your own personal purchases do not count as qualified referrals. Rather than purchase for somebody, encourage your friends and family to use your link, create their own account, and do the purchase themselves. This helps you monitor your referrals as well, and who buys what, which can help you know what kind of items your friends might be interested in for future releases.