LOVE ARMY at the PGL DOTA2 Arlington Major!

We’re happy to announce we’ll have a booth present in the PGL DOTA2 Arlington Major in Texas this coming August 12-14, 2022 featuring officially licensed Valve merch. We will bring a limited amount of what we have for people in the community to enjoy as seen below.

Notable designs related to the game will be the ZIP-ZAP BOMBER, HERO DOODLE (Tee, Zip-up, Shorts, and Lite Hoodie), INSIGNIA HERO DOODLE (Tee, Pullover, and Lite Hoodie), and the PURPLE HEROES. You can click on each item to view details and available sizes. You may order these items, alongside other items in the shop, as early as now to make sure yours is reserved. If you’re not going to be physically present at the DOTA2 Major, we also offer international shipping via UPS. Ship outs will commence starting August.

Big show of appreciation to Gabe Newell and the rest of Valve, as well as Silviu Stroie and the rest of PGL Esports for the trust in this. Rest assured, we’ll bring nothing but quality.

These items are officially Valve Community Built with License No. 6DCCA083 by Love Army.