The Love Army Dazzle Camo Pattern

The past two (2) years, I’ve been toggling with the idea of creating a pattern that I can freely use, without necessarily using any typography that would indicate that it’s Love Army, but you’d know it is.

Initially played with the typical camouflage to somewhat coincide the army element aspect of the brand name, and while the final output of this article doesn’t align towards it as evidently, the idea is still in my head, and it might be pursued further in the near future… maybe.

For now, what I’ve come up with is still a type of camo, or at least derived from one that was used back during World War II – the dazzle camouflage aka the Razzle Dazzle.

The dazzle camo is basically a play of vector lines that play with orientation and vision, and was used primarily on ships, painted with this pattern, to confuse enemies. The original pattern plays more with forced perspective, create destroy proper orientations. If you want to know more about this pattern, you can check this Wikipedia entry.

The Love Army Dazzle Camouflage pattern is born.

Our very own modern take of the dazzle camouflage, with great use of Love Army’s iconography, with more uniform spacing and stroke weights, and great consideration of the angles used in our very own logo. Didn’t see the need to distort it considering the draping of the fabric should do it naturally.

Expect to see this pattern in various pieces by us, time and again. Coming soon.