An International First: PusWood Shirts

Brian Puspos and Ian Eastwood

A week from now International Choreographers Brian Puspos and Ian Eastwood are both coming to Manila as PusWood.

Both are scheduled to hold their dance classes in Big Shift Studios down at A-Venue in Makati City starting March 22-24.

Together with Big Shift and Rocketeer, we thought to ourselves, why not finally implement a mark for PusWood? And so the PusWood logo was born, alongside an original illustration by Love Army for the very first PusWood shirts.

PusWood Shirt Design

The apparel will be made available on during the classes so make sure you attend and snap one up! Send us a photo soon enough once you get it.

As of this posting, slots are already filled up and only March 23 classes are the remaining ones you can reserve.

For more info, you can visit Big Shift Studios or Rocketeer Inc.