Brain Drain Philippines in Action

Brain Drain Philippines in Action with Bird

One of the leading problems of our society nowadays is Brain Drain. Basically, it just refers to how our talents and skilled people tend to work else where (other countries) simply because the offer is at least 10x better.

Last night, well, actually, a couple of hours ago, I spent the last few hours my good friend, Bird, would be spending in the Philippines down at West Ave. He’s off to Switzerland to take a break with his family then off to find possible jobs there or in Dubai, should there be nothing attractive there in his field.

Brain Drain Philippines in Action with Bird

Brain Drain Philippines in Action with Bird

Bird’s known in the local graffiti scene. Started with him back when BTB was born. After school he managed to get into many agencies until he landed a spot on TV5 where he does so many of those 3D and motion graphics done on the network. If you’ve seen any of TV5’s animations and 3D graphics, he’s probably behind it. No bias and no BS, this guy’s really talented in so many graphical aspects and it really puzzles me how the f*ck he can’t get a decent paying job, not even on a television network. It’s a sad fact that our society doesn’t really give much importance to our own talents – less than how other nations would.

Outlaws - Love Army x Bird Collaboration

I did try to convince him to stay. But hey, the guy’s made up his mind. Gotta love the guy’s focus though. He told me that now that he’s managed to think of even trying it outside, he really wants to try it out and fail than end up regretting to have never tried at all.

Just glad to have made a shirt with this fella before he managed to leave the archipelago. Definitely bound to see this guy around again. Hopefully whatever he learns out there, we can implement on something for the future of the Love Army brand, or on another venture.