Influencing Young Minds in San Beda University

I was invited over to talk in San Beda University’s Career Conference. It was a great honor to give back to my alma mater by means of influencing the career-making decisions of students in the school.

The visit primarily influenced a lot of Grade 9 students, where I talked about the basics of design as a career. In that talk, I made sure to tackle on “Love Army” and the principle of “doing what you love” – how you should be able to live doing what you want in your life, and how I am somewhat in that area, which makes me really happy.

Funny too, because I went with company and managed to make a handful of SBU jackets just because San Beda finally received University status just recently. Received great feedback about it too! So now I’m awaiting the possibility of making official SBU jackets. At the moment though, I’m making the SBU Bomber available for limited pre-order.

More than honored and grateful to be able to share a bit of experience, and possibly influence young minds like this. More about this talk in my personal blog post.

Thank you, SBU! Animo!