As seen on America’s Got Talent

It’s always a privilege for the brand to collab with dance crews in search to spice their look up. Last year we had the opportunity to produce costumes for a crew from the Dominican Republic to be used in a competition. We’re nothing short of proud to say we witnessed Da Republik perform live as they garnered a spot in the World Hip Hop Champs of 2017.

Recently, we got repped even harder as Da Republik chased the American Dream, and earned its way into the stage of America’s Got Talent with at least 150 million viewers. They even got into Cardi B’s Instagram stories!

It’s amazing to think how passion brought this all together. More than just apparel, the gear reflects Da Republik’s hard work and journey, boosted by Xernan’s craft and dedication, to everything that the brand actually stands for in terms of love and passion.

Congratulations and best of luck!

Designed by @regc.alfonso
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