Mystery Ammo Packs!

Introducing the Love Army Mystery Ammo Packs, coming to you in Deluxe and Prime.

The Mystery Ammo packs are bound to contain shirts ranging from various releases, with an addition of other items, such as, but not limited to, headwear, tank tops, stickers, jackets, other accessories, and unpublished/unreleased stock.

Rest assured that the mystery packs will be worth way more than what you pay for!

Deluxe will be available at P1,850, while Prime will tagged at P3,500, with more than double the fun of the Deluxe!

Choosing Mystery Ammo Prime automatically enables free shipping.

Flaks included, should your parcel include any, can range from your chosen size upwards.
All sales on Mystery Ammo packs are final and are not subject to returns and exchanges.