Unified: Our Countrymen Need Your Support

Link to this post: http://x.co/reliefph

Here at Love Army, we mainly do designer apparel which will unify the same taste and thoughts over details and style. But in times like this where we have much to give for our countrymen in dire, here’s a call to arms – an Infographic to better understand and let people know how easy it is to make an impact in so many lives

For more info on how you can help, please direct yourselves to RedCross.Org.Ph

#RescuePH #ReliefPH

Link to this post: http://x.co/reliefph

If you have any other options you can share, as long as it will help out, comment below. Leave easy instructions for others to easily follow.

Update: We’ve updated the infographic to reflect ReliefPH instead of RescuePH. Thank you for pointing this out.