What do Bullies Hate?

If there’s one thing I like about shows like Britain’s Got Talent, it’s how people emerge from their shells to be what they believe they were born to do.

Such is the case of Jack Higgins who’s been bullied ever since he felt the love for ballet. He’s been called names, been called gay (not that it’s wrong), been pulled down by every possible remark a young kid would ever have for staying out of the social norm. But 9 years into dancing and perfecting the craft, he finds himself with the right audience, the right people who could actually appreciate and feel your passion.


As Simon said it in the video, if there’s one thing bullies, and haters in our generation, don’t like, it’s when you do well.

Never stop believing in yourself and your own admiration towards what you love in life. Perfect yourself as how you see fit. It’s your life and you need to live it, and be happy.

Do what you love.