Ideas for dancers on staying creative during the quarantine

With most of the world on lockdown and quarantine states, it might be hard to stay creative at first, but know that creativity is the challenge itself in situations like this. While used to being on the stage and in studios, we all love dancing all alone at home – at this point, it’s one of our great contributions to the safety of the nation. With that in mind, here are a couple more things to do indoors, which can contribute towards your creativity.

CREATE ON TIKTOK. It’s not too late to join the Tiktok party, with everybody stuck in their home, the party may just be beginning. The social media platform is a great way to create extra clout by coming up with dance routines, easy enough for everybody to try, even celebrities! Some authorities are claiming it might be easier to go viral on Tiktok, with its still-organic algorithm, so it might be the break you’re looking for if you’re out to get a following. Care to try? Or maybe have your parents try it for fun, just Eryka Lucas did with her dad!

START A PODCAST. More podcasts can benefit the community as a whole. As of now, there’s only one authority cast that shares experiences and insights into a career as a Filipino dancer, and that’s by our very own Xernan Alfonso. More than the fear of being seen as ‘copying,’ we highly encourage dancers to take on the challenge to talk more about their process, insights, and entrepreneurial journey as an artist.

DANCE CHALLENGE. Challenges keep the creative mind exercised. Collaboration knows no boundaries and even being as far away as Paris, France, Gojie Chua of Kinection, made sure to make his presence felt right here at home, by pioneering the “#ChoreoDugtunganChallenge“. Tagging people in, and inviting everybody else to contribute, the rule was to make a 4-count contribution in creating one whole piece of choreography. Follow the original post to see continuations by well-known local choreographers like Xernan Alfonso, Chips, Beltran, Jobert Lachica, and Part Cruz.[0]=AZVk_TLHSKjew_g-x0FEsmK6iaBYH466s3-_qh10ABnIiERtELo3ceu-GU7sFikvxDXAar5fM-VGiiClrnnoTqNGutGRu5mw66gbx2MgGVwQf8bU-mF0GhCoNycFWHEr_iBfKJu-1U3NX9a1Q-SVs_5L&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

STRENGTHEN IN SILENCE. Being at home doesn’t mean you have to be stagnant. As far as we know, crossfit emerged from the garages, and far from the commercial membership gyms everybody is familiar with. With that in mind, keep your body fit, by training at home. Many apps are available, which help you strengthen up, without necessary need for weights and accessories.

Remember how Uncle Iroh buffed the F* up?

But above all else…

TAKE A BREAK. It might be hard, even weird, to find yourself with nothing to do, but maybe it’s exactly what you just need. Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve done nothing so far. It’s a perfectly acceptable situation to be in at this paint, and learn to accept that everybody’s quality time is different. How you train your mind to be stable is unique. Relax, take a breather, and give yourself a treat. Take this time to recollect yourself, think of how you want to progress further in this career path, and build up some spirit to get you out and about once this thing blows over.

With these tips at hand, we hope we’ve given ample gateway ideas for you to tinker about, and keep safe from the comforts of home. Stay healthy!

– Ken