Introducing the Sunflora Collection

Sunflowers are known as “happy flowers“. In such a gloomy era that we face today, we could all use a little reminder of the blessings that are to come, and we’re doing that by means of this collection.

The sunflower is known to symbolize vitality, vibrancy, hope, and happiness. Times are tough and challenges come to an end. It might not be easy to simply #dowhatyoulove, like you always do, so we invite everybody to think differently. Take this as a challenge to pivot, innovate, and progress further with your craft and yourself.

This collection consists of a variety of pieces flaunting the Love Army Sunflora icon, which was born as the middle star on the logo on the Insignia: Sunflora design. This sunflora icon can be seen across the majority of various designs, normally as an embroidered detail on the chest.

Moreover, the collection introduces 3 new kinds of piece styles in the Love Army line, mainly the Haori, the Lite Hoodie, and the Stealth Pants. More info on each item on their own respective product pages. The rest of the collection is filled in by the Navy Sunflora, Halfbar Sunflora, Heather Sunflora, and finally another Insignia: Sunflora. We’ve also created the Face Buckler, a multilayer face mask that’s durable, comfortable, has structure, pocketed for a medical-grade mask, and inner-lined with satin to help people who are having problems with “maskne”. Visit the shop.

One of Love Army’s main goals has always been to be a visual reminder of passion and happiness. After our hiatus in 2020 as the pandemic spread globally, we hope this comeback can help bridge a little bit of sunshine onto people, as we release this collection. Wear it and remember to be happy by doing what you love, trusting your own process, enjoying the moments, and cherishing the company. More than that, be somebody else’s sunflora.

Sunflora: A sunny disposition.