Special Edition 1 of 1 Jacket for Topson of OG Esports

We’re truly honored to have made a jacket for one of the top players in the DOTA2 community, Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen, also known as Godson, sometimes Chadson, more often as one of the back to back champions in DOTA2’s TI event under Team OG. The bespoke project was torn between the choice of drawing inspiration from Invoker or Monkey King from the game. In this instance, the winner was Invoker, and here’s a breakdown.

The piece is composed primarily of a combination of cotton for the bottom half, with a microfiber top half, which gives the jacket a more weather-resistant function. We used Invo’s basic skin palette to come up with the choice of fabric colors. On the right chest is an embroidered orb to represent Quas Wex Exort elements, resting on a bigger QWE outline printed on the background. A TOPSON.GG nametag is embroidered on the left chest with subtext printed below reading:

Love Army Immortal Division
Special Edition: 1 of 1
Product of the Republic

On the bottom half, we’ve added physical extruding straps, which are actual fabric that can be snapped on for aesthetic purposes, and to replicate Invoker’s frontal straps, which also adds a bit of layer on the overall fit. Side slit pockets for a subtle insert.

We used our signature “Tag Box” on the back with a rubbersized embossed paint lifted from the fabric. The GODSON text is fully embroidered. The lower half has sewn on ‘tails’.

For this we made a 2-tier collar, to somewhat resemble Invoker’s multi-collar outfit. The first layer is outlined in pink mesh fabric, fully sown onto the second layer, which makes for a big room as a compartment to fully hide the hoodie, when not necessarily needed.

The hoodie is the same fabric, with an inner magenta mesh lining, printed with the Love Army insignia. The pullcords for the collar is navy blue, finished off with metal cords.

Finally, the inner lining is made of satin for a smooth, light, and comfy fit. Apart from that, the right sleeve holds two male velcro patches, which welcomes the possibility to strap on any sort of tag, logo, or sponsor, as needed.

The overall goal of this item is to represent Topson and one his favorite characters, without going overboard into cosplay territory. The aesthetics are maintained in a bridge between streetwear and cosplay, wherein people who don’t necessarily know the game still appreciate, and those who know it love it even more.

Have we not all dreamed of making a living by playing the games we love to play? If anything, our message has always been #dowhatyoulove, and the people of Team OG, and anybody else exceling in the field of esports, have embodied that message. We believe the idea to #dreamog bears the same sentiment, and we’re honored and thankful for the opportunity to bridge passion and gaming in one unique piece for Topias himself. A special thank you to Mawar Remy Taavitsainen, who commissioned the project as a birthday gift to Topias, and to Valter “Shootsgud” Gomes for assisting us!

Would a Monkey King-inspired bomber or parka jacket look nice?