Official Hip Hop International Partner

Great news! Love Army’s been bestowed the title of “Official Partner” for the local franchise of the Hip Hop International aka HHI.

As we’ve always pushed, people should do what they love. And with such passionate people in the field of dance, this is a great honor.

With such a tremendous and shining representation of the nation ever since we remember it, from the Philippine All Stars to The Crew and all other PH crews in the game, it’s only just that we get to finally have Hip Hop International Philippines!

As the HHI Team goes up north in Baguio where the Flight just came from, Love Army shirts will be sold onsite as we will be printing Official HHI Shirts – classic ones and Love Army special edition designs!

Love Army as HHI Philippines Partner

Soon in the game, we hope to bring caps, hoodies, and tanks, and maybe even bags in the game for this prestigious event in the dance community.

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