Official Sponsor for Hip Hop International

Love Army is a proud sponsor of Hip Hop International 2018! As an official partner of Hip Hop International Philippines, we were more than delighted to have accepted the invite to become a sponsor of the World Championships, which was held in Arizona Grand Resort & Spa and Grand Canyon University. For results, visit the official HHI post: Junior | Varsity | Adult | Mega

We had fun setting up our booth and meeting a whole lot of people, introducing ourselves to the international HHI family. The atmosphere in the venue is truly move-inducing, as we watched a lot of dancers break it to the groove, and encourage each other to show some moves. No hate, pure appreciation of each other’s craft. It’s also surprising how many Filipinos are spread out through the globe, representing a bit of the motherland in their respective countries. Maybe it’s about time we do a dance documentary covering this. But that’s another idea for now.

We would like to thank everyone who dropped by the booth, checked us out, and even those who hung out enjoying a bit of chit-chat. It was truly a learning experience for us, and we feel more than blessed having spoken with a lot of ‘passion heads’ from different walks of life, who were also able to fully connect with the message and idea behind the brand. It’s funny thinking how a passion for something – dance in this case – has brought all of us in the same area. Remember to tag us in your photos and use #lovearmysupply!

Congratulations to everybody who managed to make it! It’s cliche but if you’re doing it for your love of dance, you’ve already won having made it on the stage. The recognition’s a bonus! But whatever the result might have been for you, always remember that there’s always room to grow and progress further with your craft.

Shoutout to our Philippine delegation who’ve done the country proud: Romancon, HoH, The Peeps, Kingsmen, The Alliance, VPeepz, LMN, Fusion, and Kindred. At the same time we would like to share our love to the delegations of Canada, USA, Dominican Republic, Guam, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Australia, Ecuador, New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Italy, Rome, Romania, Mexico, and all other countries who managed to show us some love!

See you again next year in Phoenix, Arizona!