TIMS speaks about constant Booing for TNC Predator

“They “boooo” us on every game entrance, they even follow us on our suite room after the lost to liquid and shouting and saying bad words on us. Im so sad on that. I hope next season chinese community will forgive my friend @kukudota and move on. So we can all enjoy the game DOTA.”

TIMS tweets this as the 2nd day of TI9 commences. It seems there’s still some blood boiling from the CN community after the controversy TNC PRedator has faced in the Chongqing Major held earlier this year.

The issue roots Carlo “Kuku^” Palad was banned to join the DOTA2 Major tournament after allegedly making a racist taunt by typong “ching chong” during a pub game, which angered a lot from the Chinese gaming community. More about this story from Kotaku.

After having been banned in the Major, seems like the Chinese gaming community, has not forgiven or forgotten what Kuku^ has done, and made sure he knows it, as he gets booed every single time his profile comes up in the big screen, and whenever the team walks in and out of the stage.

Facebook user “Kalbz” posted a sample of how the team gets booed in the venue.


While a professional player’s concentration can’t be messed with easily, it seems to have affected the team’s performance once they hit the main stage, as they fell through from the Upper bracket by losing to Chinese team VG, and eventually falling off the tournament after being eliminated by Team Liquid who placed 2nd for the finals, with OG finally claiming the aegis the 2nd time around.