Video Drop Incoming ft Xernan

It’s been a while. Just shot yesterday with a good friend and ambassador of the brand – Xernan Alfonso, together with boys of Protein Shake Jason Mison and Luis Pascua.

If you guys don’t know just yet, Xernan’s been one of our “Soldiers of Motion” since the term was ever brought and born. Just recently, he’s staged up the progress by becoming the first Filipino Hip Hop International judge for 2015 and we couldn’t be happier for the guy.

By next month, he’s bound to go and judge competitions in Australia, teach lessons there, go back home, and go out again to Guam for Fusion Dance.

Given that, you know the choreography and the video’s going to be explosive so watch out for it in the coming week! Really happy the “Soldiers of Motion” are growing under the brand.

Big thanks to our friends over at C&E Publishing for lending us