Win a Love Army USB Dog Tag

Go and share this Facebook post to get a chance to win and be the first to take hold of a Love Army Dog Tag!

What’s so special about it? It can store 8GB of your files! So what’s not to like? Or in this case, share (but yeah like it too!).

The dog tag, once made public, comes in 8gb, 16gb, and 32gb capacity. Design is embossed.

Each tag is composed mainly of 3 parts, the flat dog tag, the thicker one with the USB chip in it, and of course, the chain to hold them up as a necklace, or tie em else where.

Note: You need to set your share/post to PUBLIC for it to be seen and qualified as an entry.

How to set your Facebook post to Public?

  • Once you click share, top right part of the new window will have an icon. Click on it and choose PUBLIC.
  • If you already shared it, go to your wall. Just beside the date/time stamp is an icon. Again, click on it and set it to PUBLIC.

Good luck!