Giving Purpose to Apparel Design

When we talk about our purpose as a brand, it boils down to our mission and vision and generally speaking, it’s about being a physical and visual manifestation of being an icon that conveys passion and inspiration. But sometimes, we tweak that a bit to become more.

I can say I’m lucky enough to have grown in an institution that actively promotes brotherhood and fellowship. Even after our high school and colleagiate years, and even after years after that, I still end up reuniting with my batchmates.

At times it’s the usual hi hello drink chug stories scenario. But we’re more than sensitive enough to know when somebody among us is in need. Such is the case of our batchmate JC, whose son, Miggy – almost 3 years old, is currently battling Leukemia. It is with this that I’ve decided to create the Love Army Lions design.

The design is heavily inspired by my alma mater – San Beda College. But more than it looking great and out of the ordinary school spirit shirt, the proceeds of the sales of this design will benefit the family in aiding Miggy’s chemotherapy treatments.

Stocks will be made available during the annual Pista ng Sto. Niño held at San Beda College Mendiola. It will be available in one of the booths at just PHP600 in White, Red, and Black colorways.

If you ever find yourself in the vicinity, drop by, have fun, and maybe get an awesome shirt and help a family at the same time!

UPDATE: 1/28

Special shoutouts to Ryu Policarpio of TKBK for initiating a reunion for JC and Miggy, Charles Santiago of Celebrity Lounge for hosting the reunion with proceeds benefiting the family as well, and to Laurence Borja of Red Lion Prints for making sure the design sold out. Brotherhood and fellowship at its finest.

If you’re still interested to help the family, you may do so by purchasing cookies from the family’s Cookies for a Cause fundraising campaign.

Animo! U.I.O.G.D.

UPDATE: Thank you, everyone! All shirts have been depleted and the Canoneo family is grateful to everybody who helped make this a method of assistance a possibility! Here’s Miggy saying “Thank You” during one of our chats :)