Hip Hop International Philippines Season 5

With the near year at hand and an annual struggle for supremacy, we’reto partner with the newly administered Hip Hop International Philippines, with their drive to bring the nation’s best to compete in the upcoming HHI Championships in Arizona this coming August 5-11, 2018.

But before anything else, a process of elimination will be held nationwide to qualify and represent the Philippines in the USA. The Visayas leg will be held on Feb 17, 2018, while the Mindanao leg will be held a week after that on Feb 24, 2018.

The National Championships will be held immediately a day after, following the Luzon leg on April 21, 2018. Details regarding the venue have yet to be disclosed, but we’ve been teased by the HHIPH Facebook page, announcing judges for the nationals with the likes of 2017 Just de Bout Japan Popping 2 on 2 Battle Winner Kite Masai of Japan, and 2016 MNet Asian Music Awards Choreographer of the Year Apissara JDA Phetreungrong of Thailand.

More names are to be announced with this strong start. Alongside this would be our production of exclusive HHIPH designs:

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram for announcements once these items go on sale. What gear will you be grabbing?